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Just in case you were wondering... yes, we really have live mules and donkeys.

Nike and Clara
(left to right), Nike, Spice and Clara

Our senior donkey is Nike, a BLM (Bureau of Land Management) burro captured near Searchlight, NV. We adopted Nike from the BLM in 1991 and she has traveled all over California. Like all BLM animals, Nike is a true piece of the old American West. Sturdy and easygoing, she is an excellent hiking companion and it is easy to imagine Nike carrying supplies to 49er's as they work the California claims.

We routinely bring Nike for appearances at various local events such as parades, etc. Many people, especially children have never had an opportunity to pet a donkey and Nike seems to enjoy all the attention she attracts.

The Nike Haiku
I don't wanna
You can't make me
Oh, cookies?

Our senior mule is Clara, purchased during 1998 Bishop Mule Days from Garrett Mammoth Jackstock. Clara is a mule first and especially loves a good joke on people. Deceptively fast and a smooth ride, Clara is all the example we need when asked "why a mule?"

Mules and donkeys have become increasingly more popular over the years (as they should). The links below are provided to help you learn more about these wonderful animals.


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